Paving & Oxidized Bitumens

Paving & Oxidized Bitumens

  • Manufacturing and Trading of Bituminous Products
  • We are leading manufacturers and Distributor of Bitumen and other
  • Petroleum products. Over the period of time, we have established
  • very healthy and long-term relations with major infrastructure developer,
  • Based on foundation of Quality and Trust.

Below is our product range :


  • Bitumen 80/100 (VG 10)
  • Bitumen 60/70 (VG 30)
  • Bitumen 30/40 (VG 40)
  • Bitumen 10/20
  • Bitumen 85/25
  • Bitumen 90/15
  • Bitumen 115/15

Below are Specification of our Paving Grade Bitumen products:

  Test ParametersVG-10VG-20VG-30VG-40
Absolute viscosity at 60°C, Poise800-12001600-24002400-36003200-4800
Kinematic viscosity at 135°C, cSt, Min250300350400
Flash Point, COC,°C,Min220220220220
Solubility in trichloroethylene, %, Min99.
Penetration at 25°C, 0.1mm, 100g, 5Sec, Min80604535
Softening Point, (R&B),°C, Min40454750
Thin Film Oven Test on Residue
Viscosity ratio at 60°C, Max4.
Ductility @ 25°C, cm, Min75504025

*Types of various grades of Paving Bitumen as per 73:2013

Below are Specification of our Oxidized Grade Bitumen products:

  Test Parameters  10/20  85/25  90/15  115/15
Softening Point, (R&B),°C, Min65-7580-9085-100110-120
Penetration at 25°C, 0.1mm, 100g, 5Sec, Min15-2020-3010-2010-20
Ash Content at 163°C, %1.0   
Loss on Heating at 163°C, % by mass, max2.00.300.30.2
Solubility in trichloroethylene, %, Min95999999
Flash point, COC, °C250225225Min. 260
Ductility at 27 °C, in cm2Min. 3Min. 2Min. 2

*Types of various grades of OXIDISED Bitumen as per MORTH & H 2013

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