sheet fed offset

Four Color Set

Super Tech Series

Recommended for Map litho, Duplex Board & Chromo Papers. Specially formulated for all Commercial, Prices Sensitive & Trouble Free printing needs.

For Maplitho, Duplex Board and Chromo Paper
ST /1111 Super Tech. F. C. Yellow
ST /1112 Super Tech. F. C. Cyan
ST /1113 Super Tech. F. C. Magenta
ST /1114 Super Tech. F. C. Black


Global Gloss Series

Recommended for Mirror Coated, All Types of Art Papers & Art Cards for Consistent High Gloss & Fast Setting property.

For Mirror Coated Paper Foreign Art Paper and Art Card
GG/2221 Global Gloss. F. C. Yellow
GG/2222 Global Gloss. F. C. Cyan
GG/2223 Global Gloss. F. C. Magenta
GG/2224 Global Gloss. F. C. Black
GG/2221 Global Gloss. Euro Magenta


Innova Series

Recommended for Coated Stocks for Consistent Very High Gloss & Fast Setting property.

(High Gloss Series for coated stock)
VIN/4441 Innova F. C. Yellow
VIN/4442 Innova F. C. Cyan
VIN/4443 Innova F. C. Magenta
VIN/4444 Innova F. C. Black


Calender Shades

VC/4101 Calender Orange
VC/4102 Calender Red
VC/4103 Calender Royal Blue
VC/4104 Calender Violet
VC/4105 Calender Brown






Sheet Fed Offset